5 Ways to Break the “Grown-Up” Rules for Painting a Kid’s Room

5 Ways to Break the “Grown-Up” Rules for Painting a Kid’s Room


Do you like to read magazine articles and blog posts about the rules that interior designers follow? Perhaps you’ve modeled certain rooms in your house off what you’ve found on Pinterest or in Better Homes and Gardens, complete with the designer’s recommendations for paint colors. But there’s one area of your house where the rules don’t apply—your child’s room! This space is their territory, which means going breaking the “grownup” rules. Read on to learn about how to handle painting a kid’s room.

Use Multiple Colors

When grown-ups paint rooms, they usually stick to one color per wall. But kids don’t care! If your child wants stripes of colors on the walls or one color for the wall and another for the trim, feel free to be creative with the number of paint colors. These designs can bring a personality to the room as unique as your child.

Let Them Choose the Colors

Some decisions are best left up to you as the parent. However, the color(s) of paint is one choice that you can and should get their input. After all, they’ll be spending the most time in that room! They need to feel comfortable and have a sense of ownership for the space. You may find that they have more motivation to keep the room clean as a result!

Include the Ceiling

As adults, we often forget that the ceiling can contribute to the room’s aesthetics just as much as the walls. Consider the ceiling a fifth wall in the room! It can even be an amazing opportunity to create a fun environment for your child. For example, if they are a budding astronaut, you could consider painting the ceiling a dark blue or black. The ceiling can become a beautiful extra feature to highlight in their special space.

Have Fun with Décor

What are your child’s interests? What do they want to be when they grow up? Along with a fresh paint color on the walls, the décor in the room should reflect who your child is. Perhaps you’re worried about your child outgrowing the paint colors. Try to select colors that can mature with them. For instance, if you select a more neutral color, you can customize the room with little kid décor, allowing you to make changes more easily down the road.

Use Professional Painters

As much fun as planning out their bedroom can be, actually doing the painting can put a damper on your enthusiasm for the project. This process not only consumes a lot of time, but you may end up with mistakes you don’t want to be visible in the final results. Professional house painters can make sure you and your kid love the space without all the stress.

Ultimately, it’s okay if your child’s room doesn’t follow designers’ rules. Let loose with your kid so that every time you go into their room, you can remember the fun you had putting it together.

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