Bathroom Paint Colors that Won’t Go Out of Style

Bathroom Paint Colors that Won’t Go Out of Style

If you are looking for a quick home painting job that will refresh your space without breaking the bank, look no further than your bathroom! A bathroom is a great place to change from time to time to update the look of your home. That said, you may prefer to find classic, timeless colors for your bathroom so you don’t have to repaint it very often. The professional house painters at All-IN Painting have assembled a list of bathroom paint colors that would always look great in your home.

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When you go ALL-IN with our home interior painting services, you can be confident knowing that you are working with the best paint company around. We want to be involved from the very beginning of your thought process. That is why we are giving you these great paint suggestions today:

Taupe: Any shade of taupe is beautiful, but we love a soft taupe for your bathroom walls. It’s the perfect backdrop for almost any linen color you desire, and it is flexible enough to still look beautiful if you change out your linens frequently. As far as neutrals go, taupe is a great example of how “neutral” never has to mean “boring.” We recommend Kid Gloves by Benjamin Moore.

Gray: It’s true that gray is very trendy right now, but at its core, it’s a timeless color that you can use with almost any decor. Decorate your bathroom with black or metal pieces and you’ll look very modern and minimalist. If you choose soft turquoise and butter yellows, however, you’ll easily have more of a vintage feel. Gray works for you – and your changing tastes. We recommend Ozark Shadows by Benjamin Moore.

Parchment: Buttery white – or parchment – is another neutral that you can do so much with. Pairing with other shades of cream and white would create a sophisticated, clean look. Bright accent colors would really pop in a space with these walls too. You are really only limited by your imagination and preference. We recommend Parchment by Ralph Lauren.

Seafoam Green: Green is a relaxing color choice – perfect for the bathroom! This will turn your bathroom into an at-home spa. The lightness of this particular shade of green will look beautiful complementing a variety of accent colors, including navy, white, or dark gray. We recommend Hollingsworth Green by Benjamin Moore.

Blue-Gray: Now for a combination of two popular yet timeless colors. Blues are also said to be very relaxing, and with gray undertones, dark gray linens would look stunning. We recommend Earl Grey by Sherwin-Williams.

With all of these options, aren’t you excited to give your bathroom a new look? When you hire All-IN Painting, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll bring along all of our materials as well as our skill and years of experience. We can’t wait to work for you! To talk to our professional painters, fill out our online form or give us a call at (317) 517-7208.

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