House Painting Tips from the Pros

House Painting Tips from the Pros

Have you ever made a batch of cookies from a “secret family recipe” but they didn’t quite turn out like you remembered? Maybe that original recipe had a few secret tips and tricks you didn’t include in your recreation. But you followed the directions perfectly – so what happened? Experienced chefs know how to tweak a recipe in such a way that it makes a huge difference. Believe it or not, this is also true of house painting! The professional painters at All-IN Painting are full of these trade secrets, and that’s why our painting projects always look stunning.

Today we’ll be sharing some of these special tips and tricks with you. Do you wish your wall painting job looked a bit more professional? After reading these tips, you’ll be able to paint like the best of them.

House Painting Tips

There are several things to consider when it comes to starting a home painting project. Even though this list may seem long, don’t let these home painting tips overwhelm you. They will help get the quality look you are hoping for!

First, it’s important to consider the weather – yes, even if you are painting inside. You’ll want weather that isn’t overly humid to allow your paint to dry. If you are painting a very small section indoors, this may not be a huge issue. Sometimes it’s nice to open windows when painting a big room, however, and dry weather is necessary to help your project progress in a timely fashion.

Before any painting begins, you’ll want to carefully check the entire surface that you’ll be painting. Any cracks or holes need to be filled and patched. The same goes for any areas of peeling or chipping paint. Once these imperfections are dealt with, you’ll want to meticulously sand the entire area. Even if you don’t have any problem spots to address, you’ll need to dust and clean the walls to help the primer and paint to properly adhere.

Time for Home Painting

When you purchase paint brushes, rollers, painters tape, and other materials, allow yourself to splurge. Professional-grade items do make a difference when it comes to your painting project. Don’t forget to pick up several drop cloths when you’re out picking up supplies; you’ll want to carefully cover anything you don’t want to stain. Another small step that is often overlooked is taking the time to remove all outlet covers and light switch plates – this will save you clean-up time at the end of your project!

Hopefully these tips will help your painting project to look as amazing as you desire! If this seems like just a little too much work, however, don’t worry. All-IN Painting invites you to go ALL-IN and hire our professional painters to take care of your home projects. You’ll definitely get the professional look you are hoping for – without any of the work! Contact the best paint company online or by calling (317) 517-7208 for your free quote today. Let’s bring your project to the next level!