Our Tips for Using Crown Molding

At Home Works Painting, we’re not just painting contractors. We also provide other services such as carpentry and power washing for our Northern Virginia clients. For example, we can install crown molding, an elegant decorative element that can significantly change the appearance of a space. Think of it as an element that can give the room a finished look or emphasize a specific design style. If you’re not sure where to install it, read on for some tips on what you can do with crown molding in your home. 


The most common place you’ll find crown molding is where the ceiling meets the wall. Just as baseboards visually anchor the room, the crown molding visually frames the room. The molding can be intricate for a more formal design or simple for a modern appearance.


You can use crown molding above any cabinetry to give it a custom, built-in appearance that’s elegant. This can be done with kitchen cabinets. It’s a relatively straightforward project with big returns on looks. 


Just as you can add crown molding to cabinetry, you can also do it with built-in storage. Add crown molding at the top to give the cabinets an elegant and integrated custom appearance. 


Another way to use crown molding that offers a significant return on investment is to encase doorways or archways. This adds immediate prominence and elegance to the opening, accentuating an otherwise bland transition between rooms. Often, you can add the molding to the top of the door frame without removing the frame, giving you twice the look. 


Sometimes, crown molding can frame a window, giving it more prominence in the space. If the window is tall enough, its frame can be incorporated into the ceiling’s crown molding. 

Corner Blocks

Consider adding corner blocks to your crown molding if you want a more traditional look. Corner blocks are decorative pieces that come in different styles. However, they add a more ornate appearance to the crown molding. 


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