Tips for Accurate Wall Color Representation

Selecting a wall color can be tricky. Our experience and expertise as painters in the Northern Virginia area have taught us a lot about color perception related to color selection. So, we thought we’d share our dos and don’ts for accurate color selection to help you avoid being disappointed. A blue swatch might not look so blue once it’s painted on the wall!

Best time and light to select a color:

It’s best to look at paint color samples in the middle of the day in the room where it would be applied. Ideally, the light in the room should be indirect, natural sunlight. It gives the most accurate color representation. If it’s too bright in the room, the paint color will appear more muted. Also, early morning and evening lights will darken the color.

We also suggest looking at a paint sample on the wall during the mid-morning and evening hours. (It’s OK to use ambient lighting in the room during the evening viewing.) Seeing the paint color at various times throughout the day allows you to see the color variations throughout the day, so there aren’t any surprises later. Here are some other tips for picking out paint colors.

Here are other things to know:

Items in a room can affect the perception of wall color.Reds and oranges become more intense as the day progresses.Darker colors will become harder to distinguish with less light.Paint color can look different in an empty room compared to one with furnishing. Light reflects differently throughout a room when there’s furniture and can affect color perception.The color in a room, including the color of furnishings, can affect how the wall color is perceived.Natural and artificial light affect color perception as well.>Incandescent bulbs cast a warm orange while fluorescent cast a cooler blue.LED lighting typically casts a more neutral white.

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