Which Comes First: Painting or Renovating?

Ready to tackle a renovation project in your Northern Virginia home? You’ll also need to do some repainting, but you’re not sure which comes first – paint or renovate?You might think painting comes first, but it all depends on the project. What’s being done – and where it’s being done – can influence when you should paint. A reputable painting contractor can help you make that determination. As residential and commercial painting experts in the Northern Virginia area, we want to offer a few examples you might find helpful. We’re also happy to answer your questions or provide a free estimate of your project – just reach out to our office.Replacing CarpetingIf you’re getting new carpets, you might want to paint first, especially if you’re doing the painting yourself. Any drops on the rug won’t matter since it’s being replaced. If you need to remove the carpet before you can paint, just be sure to protect the new carpet. When in doubt, consult your painters or contractor before you do anything.Baseboards or trim moldings: If you plan to replace baseboards or other trim moldings, your contractor might suggest painting the walls after that work is complete. It’s easy to knick a wall during the installation of new trim and baseboards. Install the trim and baseboard first, and paint after.Refinishing or Installing New FloorsIn most cases, you would paint after refinishing floors. You wouldn’t want the dust it generates sticking to newly painted walls. If you’re installing new floors, your contractor would likely recommend painting after the installation.Kitchen & Bath RenovationsKitchen or bathroom renovations involve a lot of deconstructing and building back up again. It’s best to complete that work first and then bring in the painters. Painters can also fix any damage made to walls during the remodeling.RedecoratingThis one can go either way, so it’s best to consult your interior designer. Here’s our advice if you’re acting as your own designer. 1) Create a design plan for the space, including paint color options. 2) Put a few paint color samples on the walls and compare that to any fabric swatches you have. 3) Once final selections are made for furniture, soft furnishings, and paint color, you can proceed with painting when it suits your schedule. However, waiting until after new furniture is in allows your painters to fix any wall damage incurred when moving in new furniture.

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