Why Online Reviews Matter to a Small Business

Why Online Reviews Matter to a Small Business

Online reviews are important for small businesses for several reasons. Those leaving the reviews might feel like they have nothing to lose (or gain). But for the small business, online comments can matter. As for Home Works, we value each and every review – good or bad.

Why reviews matter:

Studies show that 90% of consumers trust online reviews about as much as a personal recommendation.Today’s buyers are savvy. They spend time doing their research on a business or product before buying or hiring.Online review sites have become popular – like Yelp. As a result, most businesses pay attention to reviews.Reviews can provide meaningful feedback to a business. We care about customer satisfaction and communication. We’re always open to feedback – good or bad – at any point during your project. If you have a concern, talk to us before your project is complete. We will work to remedy any issues.We pay attention. The rare times we’ve seen a less than stellar review about our work, we note what they’re saying to see how we can improve. We rarely see negative reviews because we encourage our customers to communicate any concerns so we can address issues.Good reviews are great for business. Because online reviews matter so much to consumers, good reviews can lead to new customers. The reviews also help us to build trust with our customers.Good reviews let us know that a customer was satisfied and that we’re doing something right. 


Before the internet, consumers relied more on publications or word-of-mouth referrals. Today, that’s all changed. With a few computer keystrokes, you can comment on anything from a restaurant, airline, or product.

What our customers think matters to us as a small business. Over the last two decades, we’ve built a reputation for producing high-quality work and reliability. Many of our clients are return clients. The more we’re talked about in our community, especially when it’s positive, makes a difference. And we’ve worked hard to earn your trust.

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