Boost Your Home’s Value with Exterior Painting


If you’re trying to sell your house, you’re probably looking for ways to boost your home’s value and appeal significantly. Well, there’s one thing that can help you accomplish just that – exterior painting. A quality paint job will not only entice prospective buyers, but it will save them from having to do it themselves for several years. If you’re still not convinced, read along for more ways exterior painting can boost your home value.

Exterior Painting Will Improve Your Curb Appeal

Have you ever heard the term “curb appeal”? You might think it’s some meaningless piece of jargon, but it matters a lot more than you think – just ask any realtor! Essentially, if your home doesn’t look good on the outside, you’re not going to attract potential buyers. Since the exterior of your home is the first thing people see, you must make a lasting first impression. A nice-looking house will only make people interested in wanting to see what the inside looks like as well, increasing your chances of making a sale. Plus, a freshly repainted home is something you’ll get to enjoy too. Even if you’re not selling your property, you get to return to a beautiful-looking house every day. Ultimately, it’s a win-win situation!

You Can Avoid Being the “Unicorn” Home

You’ve probably heard many times in your life that standing out is always better than blending in. Well, that doesn’t necessarily apply when it comes to the color of your home. You should always choose an exterior paint color that matches the other homes. For example, if your neighborhood is lined with beige-colored homes, it wouldn’t be a good idea to paint yours bright red. Otherwise, you’ll become the “unicorn” home. That term refers to a home that doesn’t fit the neighborhood or is too overpriced for the surrounding area. If you ask any realtor, they’ll tell you that almost no one wants these types of houses. To avoid becoming a “unicorn”, check with the Homeowner’s Association (if there’s one) and ask if there are any rules, guidelines, and color recommendations you should follow.

Fresh Paint Sends a Positive Message

When prospective buyers see your home, you surely want to make a positive first impression. Well, a fresh coat of paint on the outside of your house can say a lot about your property. It’ll tell buyers that you take proper care and maintenance of the home. But if the exterior paint is old, faded, and peeling, it might be sending the opposite message. If you’re trying to get your house off the market, that’s something you want to avoid at all costs.

Exterior painting is an excellent way to transform your home. However, it’s always best to leave big projects like that to the pros. With their help, you can get jaw-dropping results and boost your home value in no time!

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