How to Paint Your Home to Match Your Family

How to Paint Your Home to Match Your Family

There are all kinds of home painting ideas and theories out there, and sometimes the sheer number of options can be dizzying. One of the best ways to decide on paint colors for your home is to think about the personality of your family. You will feel most comfortable with and fulfilled by your interior painting when it is a reflection of who you are!

The first thing to do is to choose the room paint for your central living areas, and then you can branch out into the individual rooms that are self-contained.

Choosing the Paint Colors for Your Central Areas

Professional painters and interior designers nearly always recommend using a neutral color for the walls of your connected spaces. This usually includes your foyer, main hallway, living room, and often the kitchen or dining room in an open-concept home.

Now, some of you might hear “neutral” and start yawning immediately, but hear us out! Neutral does not mean a bland, “my-home-is-just-like-everyone-else’s” paint job. These main open spaces provide the backdrop, onto which you can add all kinds of personalizing colors and details!

The most common neutral colors are white, tan, beige, and gray. However, light blues, yellows, and greens can also function as beautiful “neutral-ish” options. So here is your first and most important choice: which neutral do you want?

Choosing a Neutral Room Paint that Matches Your Family

Read through the following color ponderings and see if any of them resonate with your family’s dynamics:

White has a sense of minimalism, crispness, and airiness to it. When paired with strong colors, it provides stark contrasts and clear lines. White is clean, fresh, and a timeless combination of classic and modern.

Tans and beiges are the most popular options. They have a bit of an earthy feel, with a calming stability to them. They are stylish, but not showy.

Gray is definitely for modern families, whispering of stainless steel or chrome, technology and professionalism.

Yellow is energetic and cheerful, evoking creativity and positive energy.

Blue has always been associated with water and sky, giving a sense of tranquility, a cool oasis. It is welcoming and comfortable, easygoing and natural.

Green is a more recent addition to the cast of neutral and neutral-ish paint colors. Specifically, sage green has become popular for its soothing, organic feel. It is natural and pleasant, with just a hint of non-conformity or off-beat newness.

dding More Colors to Your Space

Once your neutral color is chosen, it’s time to let your home painting ideas run wild! Here are a few thoughts:

Ceiling Paint: Whoever said a ceiling had to be white? You can paint it a lighter or darker shade of whatever is on your walls, or you can choose a different color altogether! Just make sure the ceiling paint doesn’t clash with the wall colors.

Trim Paint: Most people choose white for their trim paint, and this is a great option. However, some people love black or gray trim with white walls. Others enjoy blue trim on yellow walls, or brown trim on green walls. There are endless possibilities!

Accent Walls: Make your rooms really burst with color and personality by adding an accent wall. Choose a bold, energetic color that brings balance and creates a focal point in the room. It can be spicy, moody, energetic, or artistic.

Painting Self-Contained Rooms

Choosing room paint for bathrooms, dens, bedrooms, and other non-connected rooms follows the same principles as above, but you have more freedom to choose bold, vibrant colors, because they will not be visible from other rooms (thus they don’t need to match). Look for paint color ideas that spark your interest and fit with the vibe you want to promote in that part of the house.

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