What Will a Commercial Pressure Washer Do for Your Building?

What Will a Commercial Pressure Washer Do for Your Building?

Sometimes things happen to our buildings that we notice right away, such as graffiti or a big splatter of bird droppings. More often, however, the contaminants that deface the outside of commercial buildings accumulate gradually. When this happens, we usually don’t even realize how dirty a building is until it is partly cleaned, and then we can see the contrast between the clean and dirty areas. That gradual buildup is the reason we might not realize how badly we need a good pressure washer to help us out!

Hiring a professional pressure washer to clean the outside of your building is probably not the first thing on your long to-do list, but maybe it should be! Here are some ways it can help your business:

Pressure Washing to Improve Appearance

Even when a commercial building does not look obviously dirty, it is often wearing a layer of surface contaminants that give it a shabby, dingy appearance. There are many types of contaminants that collect in a surprisingly short time:

Vehicle exhaustOther airborne pollutionPollenDirt & dustInsect & bird residueCobwebsMildew

A commercial pressure washer can quickly and effectively cut through these surface contaminants, leaving your building exterior looking crisp, fresh, and attractive!

Pressure Washing to Extend Paint and Building Life

Beyond the immediate appearance of your business, a pressure washer can also improve the health of your exterior surfaces, extending the life of the paint. If the building receives services from a professional pressure washer once or twice a year, it can help prevent permanent staining from the surface contamination, thus reducing the frequency of exterior painting.

Commercial pressure washing can also uncover any developing problems on your building’s exterior before they become extensive. For example, if there is rust, wood rot, or paint failure in progress, the early signs can be hidden by normal surface dirt. However, pressure washing makes the surfaces clearly visible, exposing problematic symptoms while they are still small and inexpensive to remediate.

Why Hire a Professional Pressure Washer?

It may seem like a good idea for your business to invest in buying a commercial pressure washer so you can maintain your own building exterior. However, pressure washing is a more delicate art than you might assume by watching a professional. Here are a couple of the main considerations:

Safety: A pressure washer uses a great deal of force to propel its cleansing jet of water. This amount of force can cause serious damage to the operator and to bystanders if it is not used with extreme caution. Also, when you are working up on a ladder, the force of the water stream could cause you to lose your balance, leading to a bad fall.

Surface Damage: The force exerted by a pressure washer can easily gouge or etch a wall or walkway, leaving permanent dents and grooves in the surfaces. This happens most easily with wood, but it can also happen to concrete, bricks, cinder blocks, and metal.

Results: A commercial painting contractor or professional pressure washer is much more experienced in using the equipment, and thus can produce more attractive results.

Commercial Pressure Washer in the Indianapolis Region

Based in Greenwood, Indiana, All-IN Painting is a commercial painting contractor serving the greater Indianapolis area. We offer expert pressure washing services for all kinds of Indiana businesses, from schools to hotels to factories. When you hire All-IN Painting, you can rest assured you will get beautiful, impressive results without risking damage to your building or your personnel.

Contact All-IN Painting today for a free estimate for pressure washing or exterior painting services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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